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Chen (Andrew) Xu ︎︎︎

Branding / logo
  1. The New CRN
  2. BY&S
  3. Let’s Think About Home
  4. Be Someone’s Home
  5. Masslottery 50th Year Anniversary
  6. Hello! Love is love.
  7. The One
  8. Norwegian
  9. CRN Annual Gala 2019

Marketing / Ads
  1. Cocreate x EPE
  2. Elite Top 10 Industries Ads
  3. Elite Promotional Event
  5. Taste is King

  1. Hi Hot Pot
  2. Art and Form
  3. Fika
  4. The Book Of The Tea World
  5. Code
  6. Swedish

  1. 3L Boxed Wine
  2. O&M Grocery Market
  3. Sustainable Paint Package

Web / App
  1. HiLink Platform
  2. HiLink Education Web design 
  3. Online Clinic App



Digital Art & Motion Graphic



I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Malden, Massachusetts, specializing in visual identity, art direction, print and digital experience. My hope is to seamlessly integrate research, typography, branding, and packaging that will be used in business and design art. Currently I learning AI to generate content and applying this technology to EPE visual design.

Creative Designer at


Let’s Think About Home

Let’s Think About Home︎
Client ︎︎︎ Harry He Home
Technique ︎︎︎ Branding Identity | Digital Design | Printing Design


Harry He Homes is a leading luxury residential real estate brokerage firm, specializing in high-end properties in Bay Area,California. I designed a new brand identity for Harry He Homes that highlights this culture of excellence and helps position the company for the future. The strong, modern and distinctive identity pairs clean typography with three words that capture the spirit of the firm and its agents: homey habitable, and honest.

Harry He Homes having the best broker, agent who are highly knowledgeable. The Owner-Principal of Harry He Homes is also a senior engineer of Apple.

The simplicity of the logo extends to an identity system to support the firm’s agents and provide the best possible service for clients. Comprehensive guidelines were created for the consistent application of the identity across everything from display advertising, brochures, fact sheets and other promotional materials, to digital marketing and social media, to signage for properties and environmental graphics for the Harry He Homes.