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Chen (Andrew) Xu ︎︎︎

Branding / logo
  1. The New CRN
  2. BY&S
  3. Let’s Think About Home
  4. Be Someone’s Home
  5. Masslottery 50th Year Anniversary
  6. Hello! Love is love.
  7. The One
  8. Norwegian
  9. CRN Annual Gala 2019

Marketing / Ads
  1. Cocreate x EPE
  2. Elite Top 10 Industries Ads
  3. Elite Promotional Event
  5. Taste is King

  1. Hi Hot Pot
  2. Art and Form
  3. Fika
  4. The Book Of The Tea World
  5. Code
  6. Swedish

  1. 3L Boxed Wine
  2. O&M Grocery Market
  3. Sustainable Paint Package

Web / App
  1. HiLink Platform
  2. HiLink Education Web design 
  3. Online Clinic App



Digital Art & Motion Graphic



I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Malden, Massachusetts, specializing in visual identity, art direction, print and digital experience. My hope is to seamlessly integrate research, typography, branding, and packaging that will be used in business and design art. Currently I learning AI to generate content and applying this technology to EPE visual design.

Creative Designer at


Cocreate 2023 X EPE Cocreate:2023 X EPE ︎
Client ︎︎︎
Technique ︎︎︎ visual, website, video
Dimension ︎︎︎ website PC | Mobile | Video (1920x1080)

Background Co-Create is an essential event for all business enthusiasts, B2B professionals, and industry experts, taking place September 7-8 in Las Vegas. Immerse buyers and sellers in this collaborative atmosphere and elevate they business venture to unprecedented heights with this September.
Everyone can create with


A series of dynamic and futuristic gradients have been created to visualize a next-gen sourcing experience empowered by AI-driven tech. Vibrant colorful lines and shapes run throughout the exhibition space, uniting SME creators from around the world in a collaborative and intelligent community on
Designed on-site product display area, brand wall, Alibaba App splash screen advertisement, and supplier page for EPE suppliers. Designed supplier videos, and cocreate videos.