Andrew Xu ︎︎︎

Commercial Projects



  1. Be Someone’s Home
  2. The One
  3. Hi Hot Pot
  4. CRN Online Gala 2020
  6. CRN Annual Gala 2019
  7. 3L Boxed Wine
  8. Taste is King



Digital Art & Motion Graphic


School Projects


  1. Art and Form
  2. Online Clinic App
  3. Sustainable Paint Package
  4. Fika
  5. Norwegian
  6. The Book Of The Tea World
  7. Code
  8. O&M Grocery Market
  9. Swedish


I am a graphic designer, design enthusiast, typography collector, coffee enthusiast, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My hope is to seamlessly integrate research, typography, branding, and packaging that will be used in business and design art.

Currently looking for opportunities in the Eastern United States ( Boston,NYC ), Sweden and China.


3L Boxed Wine

CRN Annual Gala 2019 ︎
Client ︎︎︎ Chinese Rianbow Network 
Technique ︎︎︎ Branding | Application


To create a 3L premium boxed wine with innovative packaging that delivers a consistent, quality wine experience to wine lovers who care most about what is inside the packaging. This was a collaborative group project with the Trinchero Family Winery in Napa, California.


When we thought about what “True Earth” meant, we immediately thought about nature and the early stages of making wine. From the dirt where the grape vines grow to the wine produced into bottles, we felt that a natural, yet elegant, look and feel was the way we wanted to go. We also had to create a new, innovative package that would set us apart from the other boxed wine on the market. We created a hexagonal box with a new pump feature that makes your wine drinking experience that much better. The slanted bottom on the inside of the box will ensure that you get every last drop of wine.