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Chen (Andrew) Xu ︎︎︎

Commercial Projects



  1. The New CRN
  2. Cocreate x EPE
  3. Hello! Love is love.
  4. Elite Top 10 Industries Ads
  5. BY&S
  6. Let’s Think About Home
  7. Elite Promotional Event
  8. Masslottery 50th Year Anniversary
  9. HiLink Platform
  10. HiLink Education Web design 
  11. Be Someone’s Home
  12. The One
  13. Hi Hot Pot
  14. RICEPO
  15. CRN Annual Gala 2019
  16. 3L Boxed Wine
  17. Taste is King





Digital Art & Motion Graphic


School Projects


  1. Art and Form
  2. Online Clinic App
  3. Sustainable Paint Package
  4. Fika
  5. Norwegian
  6. The Book Of The Tea World
  7. Code
  8. O&M Grocery Market
  9. Swedish


I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Malden, Massachusetts, specializing in visual identity, art direction, print and digital experience. My hope is to seamlessly integrate research, typography, branding, and packaging that will be used in business and design art. Currently I learning AI to generate content and applying this technology to EPE visual design.

Creative Designer at


Elite Promotional Event

Elite Promotional Event ︎
Client ︎︎︎
Technique ︎︎︎ visual, website, video 
Dimension ︎︎︎ website PC  |  Mobile  |  Video (1920x1080)


Elite Partner Event (EPE) is a monthly showcase of the industry's top 100 brands and manufacturers ranked by, making it easier for buyers to source competitive products and professional services in their target categories.

In 2022, facing an uncertain global environment the market and supply chain unpredictability have greatly intensified, we aim to ensure our buyers that here offers a sure way to save and stock.

Our Elite team has come up with a new slogan "Scale up with the Elites".to convey the idea of our great capability, and hopes to tackle the common anxiety and uncertainty among business owners.

I came up with an idea to use the element "light" as the main visual.  This beam of light shuttling through the darkness represents numerous brands preparing to go global. For sellers, this is a brand new opportunity to once again take their brand overseas, expand the reach of their product manufacturing technology, introduce the elite brand brought by EPE to more international buyers, and let Chinese brands shine brightly once again. Empower Chinese brands to go global.


Brand Awareness: EPE IP awareness score of 30% with page conversion of 60% and an increase of 1200% in PV from the home page keyword "elite" search
* FY22 advertisement yearly revenue: 110 million RMB (16.25 Million USD).

Elite Partner Event September Products Show