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Chen (Andrew) Xu ︎︎︎

Commercial Projects



  1. Cocreate x EPE
  2. Hello! Love is love.
  3. Elite Top 10 Industries Ads
  4. BY&S
  5. Let’s Think About Home
  6. Elite Promotional Event
  7. Masslottery 50th Year Anniversary
  8. HiLink Platform
  9. HiLink Education Web design 
  10. Be Someone’s Home
  11. The One
  12. Hi Hot Pot
  13. RICEPO
  14. CRN Annual Gala 2019
  15. 3L Boxed Wine
  16. Taste is King





Digital Art & Motion Graphic


School Projects


  1. Art and Form
  2. Online Clinic App
  3. Sustainable Paint Package
  4. Fika
  5. Norwegian
  6. The Book Of The Tea World
  7. Code
  8. O&M Grocery Market
  9. Swedish


I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Malden, Massachusetts, specializing in visual identity, art direction, print and digital experience. My hope is to seamlessly integrate research, typography, branding, and packaging that will be used in business and design art. Currently I learning AI to generate content and applying this technology to EPE visual design.

Creative Designer at


🔮️ Liam and samy girly models ep4, in the style of artgerm, glittery and shiny, beach portraits, thiago valdi, leiji matsumoto, silver and brown, shiny/ glossy

🔮️ Wearing a green bikini encrusted with gems, a beautiful girl with curly blonde hair, wearing colored glasses, on the beach, holding a drink, dazzling sunlight, volumetric light, deep view, artistic beauty, depth of field photorealism

🔮️ A close up of a woman with green hair wearing a green dress, green flowing hair, long curly green hair, fantasy art style, green wavy hair, long green hair, beautiful fantasy art portrait, in the art style of bowater, stunning art style, beautiful fantasy art, green hair, vibrant fantasy style, dark green hair, beautiful digital illustration, gorgeous digital art

🔮️ Hyper - realistic, beautiful girl, the legendary nine - tailed fox girl in ancient China, wearing red Hanfu, silver - white hair, two beautiful fox ears on her head, big eyes, red lips, no hands, nine silver - white fox tails, fluffy, three - quarters portrait, facing the camera. Default style, style med

🔮️ Hyper Real, Ultra Real, a pretty girl with short pink curly hair, smiling happily, facing the viewer, frontal portrait, volumetric lighting, deep view, artistic beauty, depth realism 
--ar 9:16 --niji 5

🔮️ Hyper Real, princess& princess of crystallography by jon walker, in the style of darkly romantic illustrations, interstellar nebulae, glamorous pin - ups, light crimson and gold, painted illustrations, chalk, comic art facing the viewer, frontal portrait, volumetric lighting, deep perspective, artistic beauty, deep realism